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Development of quality and extensive road network in Jammu & Kashmir is vital, given the difficult topography, ecology and weather conditions of the UT and limited scope for development of alternate means of communication. A well-developed network of roads is necessary not only for the economic development of the UT but for its social and cultural development. It is necessary and critical to exploit rich natural wealth, to develop indigenous industries, to explore new markets for farm products and to promote tourism.

PW(R&B) Department is mandated to develop a robust and dependable road network in Jammu and Kashmir to all corners of the UT. To this effect the Department has been focusing on construction of new roads, maintenance and upgradation of already existing roads, construction of bridges and culverts and connecting habitations/ villages with the network of roads. Major thrust is being given to the schemes providing connectivity in difficult and inaccessible areas for equitable development of all regions of the UT.

The Department also extends technical support to other Government Departments and executes their projects in case they assign construction to the Department. It remains endeavour of the Department to construct eco-friendly and cost-effective government buildings adopting best evolved practices and advanced modern techniques.

Road Length maintained by PW(R&B) Department as on 31.03.2021 (Road length in Kms)

S. No. Agency Black topped Metalled Shingled Fair-weather Total
1 R&B Jammu 10534.04 1132.47 814.07 2278.03 14258.61
2 R&B Kashmir 9695.36 4344.21 467.18 554.48 14861.23
3 PMGSY Jammu 4007.00 0.00 0.00 3502.00 7569.00
4 PMGSY Kashmir 2550.00 0.00 0.00 336.00 2886.00
5 Mughal Road 84.10 0.00 0.00 0.00 84.00
Total26870.50 5476.671281.25 6670.5140298.03

*A linear length of 514.25 Kms has been transferred to Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and 1394.63 Kms transferred to Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) during 2020-21 for maintenance in the capital cities.

Capex Budget 2020-21

S. No Sector Allocation 2021-22
(Rs in lakh)
1 Road Sector Jammu 13500.00
2 R&B Sector Kashmir 13500.00
3 Cities & Towns 50000.00
4 NABARD (RIDF) 50000.00
5 CRIF Jammu (Central Share) 20000.00
6 CRIF Kashmir (Central Share) 20000.00
7 CRF Compensation Jammu 1600.00
8 CRF Compensation Kashmir 1600.00
9 Bridge Sector 6000.00
10 NFB Jammu 500.00
11 NFB Kashmir 500.00
12 PMGSY (Regular & State Share) 30000.00
13 PMGSY (Central Share) 150000.00
14 PMRP (Mughal Road) 2800.00
15 MED Jammu 600.00
16 MED Kashmir 600.00
17 Design Directorate100.00
18 Highway Resting Place2000.00
19 Construction of Roads40000.00
Total 403300.00